stranger things season 5 release date

The new movie Stranger Things Season 4, Part Two has now taken Netflix by storm.

Stranger Things is undoubtedly one of the most popular shows on OTT, captivating the world with a great character lineup and intriguing story.

Will Byers actor Noah Snap tweeted an ominous picture of himself

The series was officially renewed in February, when Netflix and the show's creator Duffer Brothers confirmed that Season 4 would be "the beginning of the end."

In a statement as well as the release date of Stranger Things 4, the show's creator, Duffer Brothers, said

"Seven years ago, we planned a full story arc for Stranger Things.

But Stranger Things 5 has now been confirmed on Netflix.

Filming on Stranger Things 4 was wrapped up in August / September 2021 and the first seven episodes were released 9 months later.

We'll find out more when production starts in season 5.