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English Model Activity Task Class 10 (Part- 2)

English Model Activity Task Class 10 (Part- 2)
English Model Activity Task Class 10 (Part- 2)
Activity 1

Join the following pairs of sentences as directed :

a)She saw a snake. She ran away. (use: seeing)

Ans:-Seeing a snake, She ran away.

b)He is honest. He is rich. (Use: as well as )

Ans:- He is rich as well as honest.

c)The sun is a star. Everybody knows that (use: noun clause)

Ans:- Everybody knows that the sun is a star.

d)The man is old. He cannot go out. (Use: illative conjunction )

Ans:- The man is old so he cannot go out.

Activity 2

Split the following into two sentences:

a)Having heard the news, she fainted.

Ans:- She heard the news. She fainted.

b)It was raining heavily, when she reached home.

Ans:- She reached home. It was raining heavily.

c)Ashoka, who was a great king, helped in the spread of Buddhism.

Ans:- Ashoka was a great king. He helped in the spread of Buddhism.

d)Shabnam thought that she would win the first prize.

Ans:- Shabnam would win the first prize. She thought it.

Activity 3

You have read the poem ‘Fable’.On the basis of the poem, write a dialogue with in 100 words between the Mountain and the Squirrel.

Squirrel: Hello, my dear friend Mountain how are you?

Mountain: How dare you to call me your friend? You’re just a little prig.

Squirrel: Why are you insulting me in the way like that? I’ve never done so before.

Mountain: Because your are so small and you don’t have the ability bto cope up with me.

Squirrel: You are doubtless very big and also very e arrogant. But don’t you know all types of things and weather must be taken together to make year?

Mountain: Oh! Please, Don’t come to give me wisdom.

Squirrel: I think it is no disgrace to occupy my place. As I am not largebas you, you are kot small as mine.
Mountain: But how can you say this? You can’t do those works which I do

Squirrel: Yes, but talents differ. You make a very pretty squirrel track and also carry forest on your back. but you can’t crack a nut as mine.

Mountain: Sorry Squirrel, Please forgive me for my impudence. Can we be friends?
Squirrel: It’s ok Let’s be friend.



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