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[January 2022]English Model Activity Task Class 10 Part 1 2022

English Model Activity Task Class 10 Part 1
English Model Activity Task Class 10 Part 1
[January 2022]English Model Activity Task Class 10 Part 1 2022

Model Activity Task Part 1 January 2022

English (Second Language)

Class – X

Full Marks: 20


Replace the underlined words with suitable phrasal verbs from the given list. Change the form of verbs if necessary. Write the answers in the given space. One extra phrasal verb is given in the list: 2 × 2 = 4

i) The manager rejected the proposal.

Ans: Turned down

b) She cannot tolerate bad habits.

Ans: Put up with

[List of Phrasal verbs : turn down, set out, put up with] 


Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions : 1×3 = 3

a) Walk slowly. You will fall. 

Ans: If you don’t walk slowly, you will fall.

b) Salma won the first prize. I know it. 

Ans: I know that salma won the first prize.

c) He cannot come. His brother cannot come. 

Ans: Neither he nor his brother can come.


Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions : 1×3 = 3

 a) The man sat __________ the chair.

Ans:  a) The man sat in the chair.

 b) The boy dived ________ the river.

Ans: The boy dived into the river.

 c) She is going ________ school.

Ans: She is going to school.

English Model Activity Task Class 10 Part 1 2022


Write a paragraph in about 100 words on the importance of reading newspaper. Use the following points : 10 Points :  10

powerful medium – provides information – benefits of reading newspaper – demerits – conclusion



Reading the newspaper is one of the most beneficial habits. It helps us to get to know the worlds current affairs. We re getting to know about the latest events from a reliable source. We also get to know about different politics,economics, entertainment industry, sports, and much more. Also, newspapers help us in finding jobs. Most companies post advertisements for job vacancies in newspapers.

Unfortunately, while having so many benefits, the habit of reading newspapers is dying. Besides, electronic gadgets are more convenient, so people dont bother to pick up a newspaper. Also, reading is becoming an endangered habit. Everything is comfortable and visual now that nobody wants to read papers, books, letters, etc. People will prefer to watch the news on TV or their smartphones, but will not read a newspaper. To add to this, the internet has made it worse.

As a result, everybody is turning lazy. No one wants to read, and this is affecting the vocabulary skills of the younger generation. People do not know how to spell and depend on autocorrect to correct their mistakes. Perhaps the most dangerous is the spread of false news.

If people would read more newspapers, and stop reading every second article on Facebook, perhaps these incidents wouldnt be as unfortunate as they are right now.

English Model Activity Task Class 10 Part 1 2022

Read the poem and answer the questions that follow:

The mountain and the squirrel

Head a quarrel:

And the former called the latter  ‘Little prig’.

Bun replied,

  ‘you are doubtless very big;

But all sorts of things and weather

Must be taken in together,

To make up year

And a sphere.

And i think it no disgrace

To occupy my place.

If i’m not so large as you,

You are not so small as I,

And not half so spry.

I’II not deny you make

A very pretty squirrel track;

Talents differ, all is well and wisely put;

If i cannot carry forest on my back,

Neither can you crack a nut.


Chose the correct alternatives to a complete the following sentences:
A)The squirrel is-

i)as  large as the mountain

ii)as small as the mountain

iii) not as large as the mountain

iv)not as small as the mountain

Ans-iii) not as large as the mountain

B)The mountain cannot-

i) crack a nut

ii) make a squirrel track

iii) carry forest

iv) carry fountain

Ans-i) crack a nut

C) The squirrel does not find it disgraceful to-

i) occupy the mountain’s place

ii) occupy the river

iii) occupy its own place

iv) occupy the tree

Ans-iii) occupy its own place


change the voice of the following sentences:
a) switch on the light.

Ans-Let the light be switched on.

b)I have been invited to their house.

Ans- They have invited me to their house.


Replace the underlying words with suitable phrasal verbs from the list given below ( one is extrea). change the form of the verb if necessary:

a)we could not understand what he was saying.

we could not Make out what he was saying.

b)I cannot tolerate impolite behaviour towards elder

I cannot Put up with impolite behaviour towards elder

c)Rani’s grandmother cannot remember childhood days.

Rani’s grandmother cannot Call up childhood days.

List: put up with, make out, call on, Call up

English Model Activity Task Class 10 Part 1 2022

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